Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Robert Burns Day!

I'm not Scottish, but I've always had some sort of kinship with them.  Perhaps it's my own red beard and the fact that I actually like the sounds of the bagpipes.  And there's something about the accent -- especially when coming from a young lass.

But in observation of this special day, here's one of Burns' greatest poems.  I'll leave it up to the reader to fully understand it, but, this is why Google is our friend.

Nine Inch Will Please a Lady
(Robert Burns)

Come rede me dame, come tell me dame,
My dame come tell me truly,
What length o' graith when weel ca'd hame
Will sair a woman duly?"
The carlin clew her wanton tail,
Her wanton tail sae ready,
"l learn'd a sang in Annandale,
Nine inch will please a lady."

"But for a koontrie cunt like mine,
In sooth we're not sae gentle;
We'll tak tway thumb-bread to the nine,
And that is a sonsy pintle.
Oh, Leeze me on, my Charlie lad,
I'll ne'er forget my Charlie,
Tway roaring handfuls and a daud
He nidged it in fu' rarely."

But wear fa' the laithron doup
And may it ne'er be thriving,
It's not the length that makes me loup
But it's the double drivin.
Come nidge me Tom, come nidge me Tom
Come nidge me, o'er the nyvel
Come lowse an lug your battering ram
And thrash him at my gyvel!

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