Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Post


Here we are, it's 2011.  Time to get introspective...or just start a blog.

We often look forward to the new year with thoughts of finally getting around to doing what we've been meaning/needing/wanting/not bothering to do for the past year, or years.

We often think about how lousy the past year was and how everything is going to get better.

Personally, 2010, in retrospect, was a hell of good year for me.


Mainly because I discovered a number of things, among them:

  • I like the taste of gin.  There was a time I preferred vodka in my martinis.
  • My life isn't defined by what I do for a living.
  • Abandoning what I may have really wanted to do with my life 26 years ago just for more money wasn't such a good idea after all.
  • My job is not the love of my life.
  • My wife is the love of my life.

Yeah, 2011 is going to be pretty good, too.

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