Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Goodbye Copperfield

One of our English Budgies died today.

From L-R
Cujo, Quita, Coquette, Copperfield,  Kochany, Columbus
Tomorrow (June 23) would have been the 4th anniversary that we brought Copperfield along with 5 other cute little birds home to fill the house with singing, chirping, flapping and occasional screeching.  For various reasons, 3 of them didn't make it to the 2nd anniversary.  Because of inbreeding, English Budgies have a very high mortality rate and many don't make it to the 5-year mark.

In her case, she's always been particularly hard hit by moults.  The last one, only 6 weeks ago was more difficult than previously but she made it through.  This time, it was definitely a moult, but after a week, (which was typical for her) things didn't improve.  I made a vet appointment for late this afternoon on a gut feeling that even though she was eating something wasn't right.  Unfortunately, she just fell off her perch and died shortly after 1:00 this afternoon.

But this post is to celebrate Copperfield.

She was a typical female budgerigar which, if you know budgies, can mean that they love to boss their males (both avian and human) around and do things their way.

She was a ham for the camera.  She seemed to love having her picture taken.

She didn't mind being kissed on the tummy -- just once -- then she'd fly back to her cage.

She had an amazing sense of direction and knew where her cage was regardless of the direction she was facing.  Budgies aren't known for having any kind of sense of direction at all.

She had a personality.  Birds all have personalities.  Hers leaned more toward the "hammy" side.

I know some people will say "It's just a bird."  Those aren't bird people.  Bird people can have dozens of them and will know each of them individually.  We still have two birds, "Quita" and "Coquette", but each time a bird leaves the flock, something's missing.

I'm at least thankful for the four years we have had with Copperfield.
Hanging out in her favourite coconut

No "will be's" about this.  I already miss her.

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