Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our Little Fighter is Fighting No More

Life sucks sometimes.
Coquette in the Hospital Cage

We've just lost Coquette.

He (yes, Coquette is Male despite the name) is a survivor who went through a lot of stuff that, to be blunt, should have taken him years ago.  But he just simply wasn't ready yet.  He had stuff to do.

Back in October 2007, he was initially diagnosed with a case of Avian Gastric Yeast. ( Also known as Macrorhabdus Ornithogaster or Megabacteriaosis) Bird fanciers recognize this as pretty nasty stuff and although we were able to deal with it, it is usually an indicator that something else is lurking that is allowing the AGY to infiltrate the system.  In Coquette's case, it was his liver.  He was later diagnosed with liver problems but, due to the nature of the avian liver, you can't really do a biopsy because it would kill the bird.  It was decided that we would make him as comfortable as possible but also realize that he is essentially living on borrowed time.

Despite a wonky liver, he lived, for the most part, a happy life, chasing after the females and singing his little heart out whenever he could.

Sometimes the liver would collect so many toxins that it would swell up and cause pressure of various nerves causing what, could be considered, an epileptic seizure.  These "episides" as we would refer to them, would happen over a few hours and then he's be fine for a while -- possibly for a few months.  Lately, the liver started affecting his left leg muscles, weakening  it to the point where it became difficult to get around.  The good folks at the Links Road Animal Clinic mixed together a steroid/vitamin solution which helped tremendously.  He had a complete recovery and was back to his old self.  But over the past week, the leg issues came back.

Today, he was pretty much paralyzed.  He could get around, but with great difficulty.  We knew this was it and at 9:15, he drifted away peacefully with Melody and I holding him and keeping him comfortable.  At the end, it's almost as if he was saying goodbye as he looked at me and then gently laid his head down on the palm of my hand for the last time.

We both knew this day would come, sooner rather than later.  It didn't make it any easier.

Yes, he was my little fighter.  Now he's at rest.

He loved, and I mean loved his millet and egg food.

He enjoyed kissing the lady birds, especially his girlfriend Quta.  He would happily swap birdie spit with Copperfield when Quita wasn't interested.

He was chivalrous and a gentleman.  He would always give up his perch when one of the ladies asked (or as was usually the case, demanded) to sit there.

So now we're left with one single Budgie out of our initial flock of 6.

Quita (short for Poquita) was the runt of the litter when we got her.  She could barely perch.  We thought she'd be the sickly one and she'd probably be the first to go.   I guess she's a fighter, too.  No wonder she and Coquette were a couple.

But don't worry, Coquette.  We'll make sure Quita gets the extra good care and attention she deserves.

We'll miss you, sweetheart.

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