Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Power of 2!

With Copperfield and Coquette occupying my mind a lot lately, the spiritual side of me wonders if someone is trying to tell me something.

This is the story of the number 2.

On Thursday, (June 30) I brought the remains of our 2 late budgies to the good folks at "Pets At Peace" for cremation.  I spent close to two hours there chatting with Anne as well as one of the gentlemen from the crematorium who was doing a delivery/pickup.  I didn't realize they have even created horses.  Wow!  But I digress.

I had two $10 dollar winning lottery tickets from last week in my pocket.  I cashed them in and got 4 Lotto Max tickets for the following draw with 2 encores.

I then thought I'd pop into a local Wal-Mart to see if they have any pairs of shorts in my size and maybe pick up another pair of sandals if they have any "chucks" in my size.

There were exactly two pairs of shorts in stock.  I snapped them up.

There were also two pairs of sandals in stock.  I bought them too.

On Friday, I got an e-mail from someone who I had bought a TowerRAID disk subsystem from that he had two others he would like to sell and he figured he'd just shoot me an e-mail before hitting craigslist.  Since I could definitely use them, I grabbed them.

On Saturday, I checked the lottery tickets.  $20 and 2 free tickets.

I used the $20 to buy tickets for Saturday's draw whose grand prize is -- $20 million.

On Sunday, I checked Saturday's ticket.

It won Two dollars.

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