Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gerring Old -- OR -- The Numbers Game

Well, another birthday has come and gone.

I don't know why I bother.

Think this will be the last one of my own that I bother to celebrate.

After all, what's the point?

The reality is that one gets to a point in one's life when  it's time to stop making a big deal of it.  It's time to stop thinking about such childish things when the best birthday gift you get is the one you buy for yourself -- including the birthday cake.

This doesn't mean that I will no longer celebrate the birthday of my loved ones.  I guess I'm just at the point where I've come to realize that it's pointless to dream about someone actually giving a shit.

But the real point of this blog posting is to harp on something that I keep hearing.

It's been said your age is just a number.  I call bullshit on that statement.
  • It's a number that society uses to determine what you are allowed to do as a youngster.
  • It's a number that is used to draw the line that ushers you into adulthood.
  • It's a number that determines how much you pay for certain things.
  • It's a number that sets people's expectations about you.
  • It a number that determines whether or not you can find gainful employment.
  • It's a number that determines how long you remain employed.
  • It's a number that defines you.
One may feel far younger than one's physical age but one's age essentially defines one's status in life, based on their accomplishments at a given age.

Now that I'm of that age where I'm closer to finding out whether the atheists or religious are correct,  I look back to to life of bad decisions, missed opportunities, huge dissapointments from those I had faith in and situations that didn't materialize, regarless of who is at fault.

Regrets, I've had a ton, but in retrospect, too few to bother with.  One must forge ahead.  I'm not ready to give up completely on everything.

Now it's off to spend some quality time with friends Johnny Walker and someone who just likes to call himself The Beefeater.  Now there's a birthday tradition I think I'll contine.

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